The Presbyterian Church of Punxsutawney is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church, USA. Instructed by a constitution, governed by a team of members elected by the congregation, and led by an ordained Presbyterian Pastor, our congregation is proud to be the Presbyterian Church here in Punxsutawney, and one of ten thousand congregations nationwide. To learn more about what makes Presbyterians distinct, our understanding of God and the world, and what it means to be Presbyterian please check out Presbyterian 101, an online resource of the Presbyterian Church, USA.

As a Presbyterian congregation, we believe we best serve our members, friends and the people of Punxsutawney by trying to do God’s work and live out the Gospel in our daily lives. To that end, our congregation affirms the following values as it seeks to be the Body of Christ here in the Weather Capital of the World.


Preaching in dynamic and relevant ways
Celebrating the Lord’s Supper (Communion) and Baptisms
Glorifying God through Creative Arts
Welcoming All of God’s Children
Giving of our resources


Christian Education for all ages
Families as partners in Christian Education
Our Presbyterian heritage
Theological Diversity


Intentional care for our church family
Fellowship for children, youth and adults
Small group ministries
New Member orientation and assimilation
Unity in the midst of our differences


A life of prayer and study
Personal development
Discerning our spiritual gifts
Witnessing to our faith
Individual initiative that faithfully implements the mission of the church


The ministry of the laity
Seeking opportunities to serve
Compassionate care for our neighbors at home and abroad
Both corporate and individual community involvement
Advocating and working for social justice