Children & Youth Sunday School and Nursery
The nursery is available each Sunday during worship for anyone who needs it; a member of the congregation is assigned to staff it generally following A Time for Young Worshipers or partway through the worship service. During the school year (September through May), the nursery is available for infants through kindergarten (age 4-5). During the summer (June through August), the nursery is available for infants through third grade (age 8-9). Children in the nursery have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys, draw and color, and have a selection of books read to them. During our Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday worship services, the nursery is generally unstaffed by a member of the congregation, but parents may accompany their children to the nursery and stay with them if needed.
A Time for Young Worshipers (more information available on the Worship page) is included during the worship service during the regular school year. Following A Time for Young Worshipers, children older than nursery age may participate in the Youth Sunday School held in the Christian Education wing of the church (generally in the Lester Seminar Room). There are also several times throughout the year where Sunday School time is dedicated to practicing and preparing for our Children & Youth Worship Services; these are typically during the Season of Advent and the Season of Lent. Please see the latest Highlander newsletter on the Events  page for information on any upcoming Children & Youth worship services.
Adult Sunday School
The Adult Sunday School meets at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings before the worship service in the Lester Seminar Room. The Adult Sunday School uses Christian-based video/DVD series and their complementary guides to lead discussions and deepen understanding of the church, God, and faith. These video series may vary in length/number of weeks, but typically are 6-week to 8-week courses. All are welcome. Please check the Highlander newsletter on the Events page for the latest information on what series the Adult Sunday School is currently studying, and for any information on holiday breaks.
Tuesdays @ 10 Bible Study Group
The Tuesdays @ 10 Bible Study Group meets on Tuesdays at 10 AM in the Lester Seminar Room, and follows a similar format to the Adult Sunday School. Tuesdays @ 10 may use the same video/DVD series as the Adult Sunday School, or may be using a different one, but seeks the same goals as the Adult Sunday School. Please check with a member of Tuesdays @ 10 on Sundays in worship or in the announcements portion of worship on whether the group is meeting during a particular week; information is not always available in the newsletter.
Season of Lent Dinner & Study
During the Season of Lent, an evening dinner and video/DVD series study is generally scheduled on Wednesday evenings (except for Ash Wednesday and typically the Wednesday of Holy Week), hosted by the Fellowship Committee. Please check the Highlander newsletter on the Events page prior to and during Lent for more information. If you have a video/DVD series and/or a meal idea for the Lenten Dinner, please contact a member of the Fellowship Committee.