Church Address:
106 East Union Street, Punxsutawney, PA 15767
Office: (814) 938-5560
Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM

To contact a member of the staff, please call the church office at (814) 938-5560

or email the office at
Keri Dinsmore, Office Administrator
Doug Chambers, Clerk of Session
Nancy Pearce, Music Director
Keith Ferguson, Organist
Lu-Ann Grube, Treasurer
Megan Dinsmore, Custodian
Rev. William Starr, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Kent Holmes, Pastor Emeritus
Current Members of Session (Unicameral Board):
Class of 2020: William Cooper (Property Committee Co-Chair), Dana Hartman (Property Committee Co-Chair and Youth Group Coordinator), Rex Lettie (Mission & Outreach Committee)
Class of 2021: Barbara Burkett (Fellowship Committee), Deborah Elder (Personnel Committee), Nick Suntheimer (Finance & Stewardship Committee)
Class of 2022: Roberta Dinsmore (Worship Committee), David Divelbiss, Richard Fetterman
Current Members of the Board of Deacons:
Class of 2020: Lee Blose, Kathi Cessna, Jean Hughes
Class of 2021: Debra Dinsmore (Chair of Board), Carole Haire, Donna Grabany
Class of 2022: Richard Cessna, Barbara Endress, Pam Hogan
Other Contacts:
Donna Anderson, First Tuesday Community Meal Program
Kathi Cessna, Flight Bag Coordinator and Homebound Communion Coordinator